64. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Cuba1

715. Following are instructions for use Ambassador in discussion with Batista or Guell re compliance MDA Agreement in accordance with conversations in Department June 11.2

Interested offices State and Defense today fully agreed on four following principles involved Cuban compliance Agreement:

Basic premise is that designated MAP-supported units must be capable of performing agreed missions in defense of hemisphere.
Highly desirable MAP-supported Army unit be stationed in Habana area where MAAG Chief could observe its readiness participate hemisphere defense missions. FYI From strictly legal point of view unit could be stationed anywhere in Cuba but this could materially hamper carrying out observation aspects Agreement. End FYI.
While maintenance of Army unit in integrated form much preferable, unit could be broken down to company size. Maintenance of smaller units than company size would impair efficiency battalion to carry out mission.
MAP-trained men and MAP-supplied equipment not to be used for purposes other than implementation hemispheric defense missions without prior agreement U.S.

In your discussion with Batista or Guell, you should request that GOC

Disengage from combat activities (a) men trained specifically under MAP and (b) MAP-supplied equipment. Department emphasizes only MAP-trained men involved and that men trained by Missions not covered by this request. Re equipment it is quantities and types with which we are concerned rather than specific items previously furnished under MAP.
Reconstitute the MAP-supported unit with its equipment. Ambassador should also mention that compliance with MDA Agreement requires that MAP-supplied aircraft and MAP-trained aviation personnel, as well as assistance provided Cuban Navy, not be used for other than hemispheric defense purposes without prior U.S. agreement.

While it is realized above steps may be bitter pill GOC these are consideratons involved in compliance with MDA Agreement. In his discretion Ambassador may state that in two other instances apparent use MAP units for internal security purposes by countries of hemisphere similar requests were promptly complied with by other country. FYI: Two countries involved were Colombia and Honduras. End FYI. Ambassador should state that, if appropriate steps cannot be taken on basis of his informal and friendly suggestion, Department will be obliged to deliver note along these lines to Cuban Embassy Washington.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 737.5–MSP/6–1358. Secret; Niact. Drafted by Little and Wieland; cleared in draft with Rehm (L/MSA) and Spencer (RPA) and in substance with Hanford of the Department of Defense; and approved by Snow who signed for Dulles.
  2. No memoranda of these conversations have been found, but they are briefly summarized in paragraph I (c), Document 68.
  3. In telegram 843 from Havana, June 15, Smith indicated that he had discussed with Guell the previous day Cuba’s compliance with the MDA agreement in accordance with telegram 715. Smith reported that Guell was understanding, but that he preferred not to comment until he could confer with Batista and military officials. (Department of State, Central Files, 737.5–MSP/6–1558) In telegram 844 from Havana, June 16, Smith said that he had asked Guell to arrange a meeting with Batista so Smith could carry out the instructions in Department telegram 715. Smith noted that the information that Colombia and Honduras complied under similar circumstances would probably help. (ibid., 737.5–MSP/6–1658)