435. Telegram From the Embassy in Mexico to the Department of State 1

1772. For Assistant Secretary Rubottom.

My dear Dick: When Dr. Eisenhower was here last August,2 Embassy officers and I discussed seriousness Cuban problem with him. At that time he asked if we had any suggestions. Embassy has given considerable thought to difficulties in Cuba. Our relations there have profound impact here and our policies in dealing with Castro are being carefully watched by Mexico. I therefore respectfully submit to you four suggestions that may be helpful:

US representative to Cuba should not return unless assurances in writing are given to our government that official statements attacking President Eisenhower, our Ambassador, and the US cease. Resulting speculation on possibility of break of relations by US should not be discouraged.
Travel by US citizens to Cuba should be discouraged on grounds hostility to our country and US Government concern for welfare and safety of its citizens. This concern could be raised at high level, for example at President’s or Secretary’s press conference.
US should discontinue paying preferential prices for Cuban sugar. Difference between premium price and world market price should be placed in escrow for payment of expropriated properties US citizens in Cuba. As reported to you previously,3 this suggestion came from responsible but controversial Cuban. Understand this suggestion previously made in general terms to former Under Secretary Murphy by same man.
Complete current evidence of Communist infiltration in Cuban Government should be indirectly publicized in LA. This logically could lead to invoking Caracas resolution by OAS after careful preparation has been made by US with supporting countries.

Embassy Mexico continues receive daily angry, frustrated, and informed persons, who view deteriorating situation in Cuba as not only wrecking US prestige in LA, but causing serious weakening of OAS system.

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Embassy would appreciate reaction to above suggestions.4 Please pass Dr. Eisenhower if appropriate.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.37/1–2460. Confidential; Priority; Limit Distribution.
  2. Documentation on Milton Eisenhower’s visit to several Latin American countries during the summer of 1959 is scheduled for publication in volume V.
  3. Not further identified.
  4. In telegram 1634 to Mexico City, January 26, Rubottom told Hill that he greatly appreciated his telegram. Regarding point 3 in the telegram, Rubottom noted that draft legislation had been approved by the Department of State to give the Executive power to take whatever steps considered necessary to ensure “proper treatment under international law” of affected U.S. interests. Rubottom felt that this legislation had the general concurrence of the sugar industry. (Department of State, Central Files, 611.37/1–2460)