315. Telegram From the Embassy in Cuba to the Department of State 1

1519. For Rubottom. Yesterday evening I told Agramonte that while I was deeply appreciative of cordial constructive relationship he had permitted me establish with him, I believe he would agree under present circumstances essential I have access to Prime Minister Castro. I pointed out that decisions currently being taken by Castro have profound bearing on US-Cuban relations and on interests American citizens here. I said that I had been endeavoring to see Castro since his return from US on May 8, had made specific requests on May 13, 282 and June 1, had been promised on June 33 that Castro would receive me June 3 or 4. This promise unfulfilled. I concluded that under these circumstances I believed I was not carrying out my mission here.

Agramonte expressed regrets and considerable embarrassment. He said he would continue to press for interview. He added that he himself had been unable reach Castro all day in order discuss serious crisis in Cuban-Dominican relations.

I intend press this point energetically using other channels to reach Castro.

For Department’s information press states Castro’s program today included pitching three innings with Camilo Cienfuegos as catcher in exhibition baseball game part of Agrarian reform festival. Castro’s team will consist of Barbudos and catcher will be Camilo Cienfuegos. Following game Castro will make speech.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.37/6–659. Confidential; Priority; Limit Distribution.
  2. Bonsal’s meeting with Agramonte on May 13, during which he requested an early meeting with Prime Minister Castro, was described in despatch 1291 from Havana, May 14. (ibid.) No record of a May 28 request has been found. This was presumably made by Bonsal to the Cuban Embassy in Washington before the Ambassador returned to Cuba.
  3. Regarding Bonsal’s meetings with Agramonte on June 1 and 3, see Document 312.