227. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Diplomatic Posts in the American Republics1

859. Much interest in US press and Congress past few days over executions Batista supporters in Cuba. Department’s position has been to deplore these activities on humanitarian basis, refer fact that this fundamentally internal Cuban matter, but express hope that persons accused of crimes will be accorded trails under appropriate legal procedures consistent with ideals of justice to which all countries this hemisphere dedicated and that Cuban people will achieve their aspirations of freedom, justice and law.

Request urgently report official, private, and press reactions to current executions in Cuba.2 Habana, Santiago also take appropriate action in their discretion.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 737.00/1–1559. Official Use Only. Drafted by Little and approved by Wieland who signed for Dulles. Sent to all diplomatic posts in the American Republics except Havana and repeated to Havana and Santiago de Cuba.
  2. Telegraphic replies are in Department of State, Central File 737.00. For a summary description of the official and unofficial reaction in Latin America to the executions, see Document 232.