22. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Cuba 1

462. Embtel 442.2 Department has carefully reviewed recommendations contained final paragraph Embtel 442 but considers it necessary call formally to attention Cuban Government reported use these units in contravention Article I paragraph two of Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement of March 7, 1952.3 Congressional interest in how MAP assistance is used by other Governments is particularly [Page 43] keen now due Ifni and Tunisian developments. Furthermore reference is made to previous representations to GOC pursuant Deptel 175.4

Department planning send Cuban Ambassador note stating in essential part “United States Government has received reports Government of Cuba may be disregarding provisions Article I paragraph 2 this Agreement. United States Government would appreciate being informed whether such reports true and if such is case requests Government of Cuba make every effort comply with terms of this paragraph of Agreement”.

Department points out that paragraph two, article one, MDA agreement stipulates Government of Cuba will not without prior agreement of Government of US devote such assistance to purposes other than those for which it was furnished. Department prefers leave decision regarding alternative courses of action foreseen in agreement to Cuban Government. The alternatives are (1) to request prior US agreement to use of MAP assistance for internal security or (2) not to use it for other than missions important to hemisphere defense.

FYI In event Cuban Government elects request US prior agreement Department would take such request under consideration. End FYI

Additional instruction in this connection now being prepared in light Embtel 442 and other communications.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 737.5–MSP/2–758. Confidential. Drafted by Stewart and Wieland; cleared with Snow, Barnes, John B. Rehm (L), Dillon, and the Department of Defense; and approved by Wieland who signed for Dulles.
  2. Document 11.
  3. For text, see 3 UST 2901.
  4. Dated September 19, 1957. (Department of State, Central Files, 737.00/9–1857)