195. Telegram From the Embassy in Ecuador to the Department of State1

203. My telegram 200.2 Tobar received Batista’s reply this morning. Batista expresses thanks and suggests Tobar confer with Panamanian and Cuban Ambassadors Washington. Tobar is telegraphing appropriate instructions to Chiriboga. Believes you should have representative present informal discussions. Thinks that these discussions might produce decision 3 or 4 friendly countries send covert emissaries confer with Batista and Castro. Some of latter’s agents in United States have been trying establish contact with Tobar here Ecuador. He hitherto has ignored overtures. Now however feels free to [Page 315] make contact. Is anxious to receive whatever suggestions you may offer. Desires be kept up to date and said he would promptly pass to US news of all developments.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 737.00/12–2958. Confidential; Priority.
  2. Telegram 200, December 24, in response to a Department of State inquiry, indicated that Tobar was still awaiting Batista’s reply. (ibid., 737.00/12–2458) In telegram 135 to Quito, December 24, the Department had inquired about the present status of the Tobar initiative in view of its “active study” of the Cuban situation and the “possibility of other initiatives.” (ibid., 737.00/12–1558)