142. Record of Telephone Conversation Between Anderson and Herter 1

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[Omitted here is a record of another conversation.]

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5:00—Secy Anderson telephoned to say he understood CAH is lunching with Arthur Fleming on the organization plan. He just wanted to be sure CAH is aware of Secy Dulles’ deep concern about it, as his own is; he thinks it would be a very bad mistake. CAH said he does know how Secy Dulles feels and discussed it with him only yesterday. Secy dwells particularly on the political weakness in it. Anderson said he had told the President about the lunch (although he himself can’t come) and that he had grave misgivings, and Pres. has said he would not want to do it unless it is the right thing to do. In any event, he just wanted to be sure CAH was aware of Secy Dulles’ feeling about it.

[Omitted here is a record of another conversation.]

  1. Source: Executive branch reorganization plan. No classification marking. 2 pp. Eisenhower Library, Herter Papers, Phone Calls and Miscellaneous Memos.