80. Editorial Note

On December 3, 1959, the President approved revisions in paragraph 60 of NSC 5906/1, which had been concurred in by the National Security Council and other interested agencies in NSC Action No. 2155 that same day. (Memoranda from Lay to the NSC, October 29 and December 3; both in Department of State, S/P–NSC Files: Lot 62 D 1) Paragraph 60 concerned stockpiling policy. The general purpose of the revisions, which reflected decisions taken at a Cabinet meeting on September 11, was to improve management of commodities in the stockpile and encourage timely disposal of excess quantities. (Cabinet Paper CP–59–78/2, “Policies With Respect to Stockpiling,” September 10, and minutes by L. Arthur Minnich of Cabinet meeting on September 11; both [Page 353] in Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, Cabinet Series) The four documents are in the Supplement. For NSC 5906/1, see Document 70.