282. Memorandum for the Record by the Secretary of State1

The President let Mr. Macmillan read the cable from George Allen (from Athens to Department 3204) with reference to Cyprus and Makarios.2 The President urged him to let Makarios go. Macmillan said that they had received a long and contentious communication from Makarios. He was, however, personally disposed to put the most charitable interpretation on it and to let him free. He was cabling the Cabinet to take no contrary action pending his return. The President urged that the UK stature would be enhanced if they dealt with the matter in a broad and liberal way. The President said that Macmillan was on the whole quite pleased with the contents of the Allen cable.

  1. Source: Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 62 D 181, CF 868. Secret. A typewritten notation indicates this memorandum was read to Rountree.
  2. In telegram 3204 from Athens, March 22, Ambassador Allen reported that the Greek Government was moving closer to the British position with regard to possible solutions of the Cyprus question. (Ibid., Central Files, 747C.00/3–2257)
  3. Initialed for Dulles by Macomber.