27. Telegram From the Embassy in Austria to the Department of State1

1225. I informed Raab today of approval transfer remainder stockpile A (Deptel 1413 Nov 7)2 and said unless he disagreed would not inform Aust military pending agreement on how any announcement or publicity such action would be handled. Raab expressed [Page 45] great appreciation for the assistance but said the general situation was so hot at the moment it might be better if this were not known for a few weeks lest it be connected with the Hung situation. If situation improves we propose tell Defense Min in confidence next week but fear any widespread knowledge would leak and might give rise sensational stories. I suggest when we do proceed with shipments we do so without any formal announcement and when question raised we might say something along following lines: “US is furnishing to Aust certain items of military equipment which have been requested by the Aust Gov. Most of this material will consist of items remaining undelivered from the stockpile set aside for Aust use at the time of withdrawal of US troops from Aust.” We will doubtless be pressed hard for some indication of types and quantities. To avoid alarming interpretations I suggest we state additional material will be much less than that already supplied to Aust. If and when queried re planes suggest we state Aust has requested training planes and it is hoped a small number can be furnished. In any statement which Austs make they will doubtless wish to emphasize requests have also been made of other powers including Sov Union.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 763.5–MSP/11–1056. Secret.
  2. Telegram 1413 to Vienna authorized the Embassy to inform the Austrians that the President had approved turning over the remainder of stockpile A to them. (Ibid., 763.5–MSP/11–756)