26. Telegram From the Embassy in Austria to the Department of State1

1234. Chancellor told me this morning he would make broadcast soon designed calm nerves of Aust public who had been making run on food stores. Said he did not consider Sov attack on Aust likely but that should Sovs make any attempt against Aust he was confident West would immediately come to Aust’s aid since their failure do so would mean their loss of Europe.

In subsequent conversation Pol Dir FonOff told me he was certain Sovs would be very angry at firm stand Aust had taken in Hung affair and Sov policy toward Aust would change. In this connection he said question of guaranty would be raised informally during visit Aust Delegation to UN Assembly.

I said I thought Aust would be extremely foolish to even start discussion this question within Aust FonOff much less with US since there was danger leak to press and I listed the many arguments why any statement on guaranty would be unwise from purely Aust point of view. He professed be impressed these arguments and said would reconsider matter.

French Amb tells me FonOff states it does not now intend take any steps to match our statement on Aust neutralism.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 763.00/11–956. Secret. Repeated to Moscow.