108. Memorandum From the Director of the Office of Northeast Asian Affairs (McClurkin) to the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Robertson)1


  • Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission

Our Chargé, Mr. Strom, asked Admiral Moore, the Senior Member of the UN Command representation on the Military Armistice Commission, to inform the Swiss and Swedish Senior Members of the NNSC of President Rhee’s statement to the Zablocki Subcommittee that he would do his best to have the anti-NNSC demonstrations suspended while the Subcommittee endeavored to secure the withdrawal of the NNITs at least to the Demilitarized Zone. Admiral Moore subsequently informed the Swiss and Swedes that President Rhee had promised U.S. Congressmen confidentially that he would attempt to have ROK demonstrations suspended for a three-month period. Admiral Moore pointed out that the suspension afforded an ideal time for the Swiss and Swedish members of the NNSC and perhaps their governments to pursue actively the subject of withdrawal from the NNSC or at least to the Demilitarized Zone.

It is unfortunate that the Swiss and Swedes were informed that the duration of the suspension of the demonstrations was three months. Now that this has been done, however, I think we could redress the situation somewhat if you would speak to the Swedish Ambassador and the Swiss Minister telling them about the conversation between President Rhee and the Zablocki group and emphasizing that we cannot regard the three-month period as firm by any means. President Rhee might at any time decide that progress toward removing the fixed inspection teams was inadequate and might then [Page 198] permit resumption of the anti-NNSC demonstrations. Thus the time in which some action might be taken without the appearance of doing so under duress, is far more limited than three months. We are very much encouraged by the active Swiss and Swedish efforts to have the inspection teams withdrawn to the Demilitarized Zone and would hope that in view of the limited time we feel is available, these efforts will be continued vigorously.

If you agree, we will make arrangements to have the Swiss and Swedish representatives come in to see you on Thursday or Friday of this week.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 795.00/12–28455. Secret. Drafted by Jones and concurred in by William B. Dunham, Officer in Charge of Swiss-Benelux Affairs.
  2. Robertson initialed his approval. Memoranda of his conversations with Ambassador Boheman and Minister De Torrentéon Friday, December 30, are ibid., 795.00/12–3055.