127. Telegram From the Embassy in the United Kingdom to the Department of State 1

4339. Reference: Deptel 5684.2 I have discussed problem Chinese representation Gold Coast celebrations with Selwyn Lloyd, who had evidently previously consulted Colonial Secretary, Lennox-Boyd. Lloyd reiterated that Brit have no objection to invitation being issued to GRC. Their preoccupation is solely with the problem whether issuance such invitation will entail similar invitations to Egypt and Syria. Brit firmly opposed to attendance of members royal family at ceremonies with reps of Egypt and Syria. For this reason they originally worked out with Gold Coast authorities invitation list based on countries with which Queen maintains diplomatic relations.

Lloyd said he appreciated American concern and is disposed to be as helpful as possible. To this end Brit will communicate with Nkrumah informing him that they have no objection to issuance invitation to GRC provided such an invitation will not entail the issuance of invitations to Egypt and Syria. In the event he takes line that he cannot invite GRC without inviting Egypt and Syria Brit will further attempt to persuade him that three need not be treated [Page 372] similarly. They will rationalize that while member of the royal family could not attend ceremony attended by reps Egypt and Syria, who broke diplomatic relations with the UK, problem royal attendance will not arise in case GRC, with whom Brit relations, such as they are (consular), are at least cordial. This formula evolved during course my discussion and may not work. Lloyd professes not to know whether Nkrumah has committed himself with Egypt and Syria to the effect that they would be included if invitations extended beyond original list, or whether if so he will regard this rationalization as sufficient to extricate himself from any such commitment. Lloyd also apprehensive that Indians may get wind of intention to invite GRC and exert pressure on Egyptian and Syrian behalf. Pending outcome this Brit démarche Lloyd hoped that Consul General Accra would suspend further representations to Nkrumah.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 745K.02/2–1557. Confidential. Also sent to Accra.
  2. See footnote 2, supra .