7. Editorial Note

In connection with the preparation of the third progress report on NSC 5432/1 (infra) the Working Group on Latin America prepared and concurred in a paper entitled “Detailed Development of Major Actions Relating to United States Objectives and Courses of Action With Respect to Latin America,” covering July 15, 1955–February 24, 1956. This paper, dated February 24, 1956, is a compilation of reports received by the Working Group from the Departments of State, Defense, the Treasury, Commerce, and Labor, the International Cooperation Administration, and the United States Information Agency, all of which were represented on the Working Group. The paper was not submitted to the Board Assistants or the Operations Coordinating Board for formal action, but was distributed informally to OCB member agencies, the National Security Council staff, and other agencies, for background purposes and to provide assistance in the briefing of principals who acted on the progress report. (Department of State, OCB Files: Lot 62 D 430, Latin America—1956)