324. Editorial Note

In instruction 138 to Ciudad Trujillo, April 18, the Department of State informed the Embassy that action on the loan application made by the Dominican Republic to the Export-Import Bank was suspended until the Dominican Government requested reactivation of the application or until it was decided that reactivation and approval of the loan would be in the national interests of the United States. According to the instruction, drafted by Fromer, the suspension of the loan application was based on the following considerations:

“a) the continuing uncertain outcome of current United States investigations into the Murphy–Galindez cases, and b) the unsatisfactory record of the Dominican Government’s conduct with regard to the American suppliers originally contemplated in its telecommunications and waterworks projects, and c) the Dominican Government’s apparent decision not to press its application because of expected record sugar income this year.” (Department of State, Central Files, 839.2614/4–1857)