275. Circular Telegram From the Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Cuba1

737. Administration position revision sugar act announced hearings House Agriculture Committee June 22.2 Recommendations:

No change 1955 quotas.
Beginning Jan. 1956 domestic areas would receive 55% increases in consumption above 8,350,000 tons.
Cuban participation share foreign suppliers other than Philippines to remain 96 per cent through 1956.
Beginning Jan. 1957, Cuban share of increases consumption above 8,350,000 tons would become 60%; full duty countries’ share 40%. No change Philippine quota.
Beginning Jan. 1957, 12,000–14,000 tons full duty country quota would go small countries which fill quotas regularly. Remainder be divided regular suppliers this group basis U.S. imports from them 1951–1954.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 811.235/6–2255. Drafted by Mulliken and approved by Cale. Also sent to Ciudad Trujillo, Port-au-Prince, Mexico City, Panama City, and Lima.
  2. On June 22 Holland presented the recommendations of the administration concerning sugar legislation to this committee. His statement and the Department of State’s report to the committee dated June 22, signed by Thruston B. Morton, Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, are printed in Hearings–1955, pp. 11–17. Cooley introduced H.R. 7030 for the executive branch on June 27.