270. Memorandum From the Director of the Foreign Operations Administration (Stassen) to the Administrative Assistant to the President (Hauge)1


  • The Sugar Situation

Confirming our discussion this morning, I am willing to give favorable consideration to joining in a recommendation for the inclusion of 100,000 tons of United States sugar in our FOA commodity program at United States market prices on the following basis:

That no better alternative for the Administration handling of the total sugar problem can be devised.
That State and Agriculture agree to the program.
That upon my consultation with John Hollister2 he is agreeable to this course of action.
That the Dodge Council3 approves or at least has no objection.
That our regular consultation with Congressional leaders does not meet with serious objection.
That the Mutual Security Program for 1956 is not so seriously reduced as to make a major change in our total commodity program.

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, White House Central Files. Confidential. Attached to the Memorandum of Understanding on Sugar Legislation Between the Department of State and the Department of Agriculture, Document 272.
  2. John Hollister, Executive Director of the Commission on Organization of the Economic Branch of the Government, became the Director of the International Cooperation Administration, formerly the Foreign Operations Administration, on July 1.
  3. Reference is to the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, chaired by Joseph Dodge, established in 1954 to review foreign policy initiatives from various agencies.