200. Editorial Note

The notes of the Secretary of State’s staff meeting held on October 11 records the following statement by Acting Assistant Secretary of State Roy R. Rubottom, Jr. Regarding reports of increased tension in Central America, “Mr. Rubottom said his staff has followed closely the increased tension in Central America following the shooting of the late President Somoza. He said he had planned to try and employ the ODECA Committee, an agency of OAS, to lessen the growing tension; but was pleased to report that the Salvadoran Secretary General of ODECA had gone to Managua yesterday and conferred at length with representatives of the Nicaraguan Government. He said he believed this effort by the ODECA Committee would serve to curb the rivalries and produce a more peaceful atmosphere”. (Department of State, Secretary’s Staff Meetings: Lot 63 D 75) President Somoza was shot on September 21 and died on September 29. Luis Somoza became President for the remainder of his father’s term, until May 1957. For documentation on this subject, see volume VII, Documents 102 ff.