196. Editorial Note

The first regular meeting of the Organization of Central American States (ODECA) was held at Antigua, Guatemala, August 18–24. In despatch 140 from Guatemala City, August 29, Second Secretary of the Embassy William B. Connett, Jr., reported that the delegates had elected Salvadoran Foreign Minister José Guillermo Trabanino Secretary General of ODECA as a compromise, after they had been unable to agree on any of several Costa Rican candidates. He further reported that the conference had also established a secretariat at San Salvador and adopted resolutions aimed at promoting a policy of Central American unity through economic integration and the repudiation of communism in the region. In concluding his despatch, Connett stated the following: “The political antagonisms between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which had threatened to flare up at any moment and which nearly caused the Conference to come to grief over the question of the Secretary generalship, were put aside at least long enough to obtain agreement.” (Department of State, Central Files, 713.00/8–2955) Additional documentation relating to preparations for the meeting and the election of the Secretary General is ibid., Central File 713.00.