17. Editorial Note

On September 10, the Chairman of the OCB Working Group on Latin America, Spencer M. King, proposed to the Board Assistants that the Working Group prepare a single outline plan of operations for Latin America to replace the current “Outline Plan of Operations Against Communism” and all separate outline plans for individual countries. (Memorandum from King to Staats, September 10; Department of State, OCB Files: Lot 62 D 430, Latin America—1956) The Board Assistants considered this proposal at a meeting on September 21, and agreed to authorize the preparation of a new outline plan, which would supersede existing plans, but not the country papers drafted in pursuance of NSC Action 1290–d. After 11 meetings on the subject, between November 28, 1956, and January [Page 138] 10, 1957, the Working Group completed a draft “Outline Plan of Operations for Latin America”, dated January 10. It was transmitted to all United States missions in Latin America for comment, under cover of Department instruction CA–5668, dated January 16, requesting the missions to submit replies prior to February 14. (Ibid., Central Files, 611.20/1–1657) On the basis of suggestions and recommendations from the missions and OCB agencies, the Working Group prepared a revised version of the Plan, dated February 28. At its meeting on March 8, the Board Assistants further revised this draft, and concurred in its submission to the OCB under date of March 11.

On March 20, 1957, the OCB revised and concurred in the March 11 draft, but also recommended clarification with respect to the role of labor activities in the implementation of NSC policy objectives. On April 10, the OCB approved agreed substitute language relating to labor activity in the operational guidance section of the Plan. Finally, at its meeting on April 18, the OCB concurred in the Plan as revised. The approved version, dated April 18, was subsequently transmitted to all Chiefs of Mission in Latin America under cover of similar letters sent out in early May 1957. (Ibid., 611.20/5–357 and /5–957)