162. Telegram From the Ambassador in Argentina (Beaulac) to the Department of State 1

Soaec 59. Committee V finished its work August 28 and the six resolutions which it passed were approved by Plenary August 29. All resolutions were approved unanimously. Mexico abstained in Committee but not in Plenary on resolution covering Financing of Technical Cooperation Activities.

The most important resolution dealt with orientation and development OAS Technical Cooperation. It resulted from Working Group study of proposals by Brazil, Mexico and Cuba. Objectionable features and much of detail included in Brazilian and Mexican proposals eliminated. This proposal as passed contains nine paragraphs summarized as follows:

Certain general principles already approved in other documents.
Reiteration of support for CPR Recommendation 232 giving special emphasis to regular and continuing nature of program, establishment of Special Fund in Pan American Union budget to complement direct technical assistance and reference plan to be followed in transfer of existing Centers.
Reiteration of support for CPR Recommendation 22.3
Recommendation that COAS establish bases for creation Special Fund for donations. (Discussions in working group made clear in country committed to make any donation to this Fund but simply establishing channel through which OAS could accept donations, particularly from private foundations.)
Recommendation Secretary General coordinate activities contemplated paragraphs 2, 3, 4 above under one administration.
Recommendation IA–ECOSOC advance date on which annual pledges received in order make advance planning more effective.

Paragraphs 7 and 8 concerned coordination and paragraph 9 a recommendation that governments take steps through their representative on COAS and IA–ECOSOC to put above resolution into effect.

Principal controversy developed over question accounting for Host Country Contributions in open attempt draw down full amount U.S. offer without corresponding additions to Special Account. Final compromise resolution on Financing satisfactory USDel. It recommended States submit their opinions this subject to Secretary General before December 31 in order that COAS and [Page 554] IA–ECOSOC (a) study and propose means to permit earliest possible increase in contributions by Member States and (b) study advisability making such changes in budgetary structure as considered appropriate.

Other resolutions of minor importance: general one on initiation of new activities which took account numerous individual proposals this effect and recommended IA–ECOSOC and COAS consider them in an expansion of technical cooperation activities; request to COAS re funding housing center; recommendation to IA–ECOSOC re study and creation centers for promotion tourism; request to Board of Directors IAIAS take action as recommended in CPR Recommendation 14 on creation regional center for agricultural research in Temperate Zone, including Uruguayan offer of location.

Despite rather acrimonious debate at one point over question of Host Country Contributions, work of Committee V considered successful by USDel and final results harmonious.

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