149. Telegram From the Ambassador in Argentina (Beaulac) to the Department of State1

Soaec 28. Eyes only Secretary from Dillon. No distribution outside Department. Before departing Anderson2 told me that I could have his full proxy for Treasury in any case where on the spot decision might be necessary. This will greatly facilitate my work and is much appreciated.

Anderson also asked that special arrangements be made to provide him directly with copies of all incoming and outgoing telegrams regarding conference. This to be in addition to copies regularly furnished Treasury.

Because of his familiarity with conference atmosphere, Anderson wishes to follow its progress personally and to keep him personally available to Department for consultation on conference problems whenever necessary.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 365/8–2157. Confidential; Eyes Only.
  2. Secretary Anderson departed Buenos Aires on August 20. Upon his departure. Deputy Under Secretary Dillon, who had been Alternate Delegate and Vice Chairman, became Acting Chairman of the Delegation.
  3. Ecoas 27 to Buenos Aires, August 21, eyes only for Dillon, reads: “Copies of all incoming and outgoing telegrams regarding Buenos Aires Conference being forwarded directly to office of Treasury Secretary Anderson as you requested in Soaec 28.” (Department of State, Central Files, 365/8–2157)