140. Editorial Note

In a memorandum to Secretary Dulles, dated June 19, Assistant Secretary Rubottom recommended that the Secretary plan to visit Buenos Aires during the Economic Conference “to dramatize the interest in which Latin America is held at the highest level of this Government.” He also proposed that the trip include brief stopovers in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, countries which the Secretary had not yet visited, for the purpose of strengthening United States relations with them. On June 22, Rubottom sent another memorandum to the Secretary, suggesting an itinerary arranged to enable him “to be in Washington until Congress adjourns and to reach Buenos Aires before the Economic Conference terminates.” These memoranda were returned to Rubottom under cover of a note from Joseph N. Green, Jr., of the Executive Secretariat, dated June 26, which reads: “The Secretary does not feel that he can now plan to make this trip.” (Department of State, Central Files, 365/6–1957)