133. Circular Instruction From the Acting Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics1



  • Activities of the Interim Committee of the Inter-American Committee of Presidential Representatives (CPR)


  • CA–6419, February 11, 19572

The Interim Committee of the Inter-American Committee of Presidential Representatives (CPR) at its Second Meeting on April 4, 1957, received the reports of the four Subcommittees formed at the meeting on January 29, 1957. These reports, 25 in all, cover those proposals submitted under the first three items of the approved CPR agenda and group together those proposals of related nature.3

A total of 62 proposals were presented by the representatives on the CPR, many shortly before the deadline of March 15th.4 Among these were some on matters on which the United States from the start endeavored to discourage discussion in the CPR as being inappropriate and not within the terms of reference of the CPR. Proposals basically unacceptable to the United States were presented, for instance, on an inter-American institution to finance economic development, on a system to eliminate double taxation, and on an inter-American housing finance corporation.5

The reports, in general, reflect the unanimous approval of those representatives serving on the Subcommittees. In a few instances, however, reservations were made. Principally because of U.S. persistence in the negotiations, no concrete recommendations for action by the OAS were approved on those proposals to which the United [Page 481] States could not agree, but in view of the insistence of other Representatives, the United States agreed to a discussion of the problems and to their referral to the OAS, or an organ thereof, for further study. A list of all Subcommittee reports and summary of recommendations is attached as an enclosure to this Instruction.

Perhaps the most significant of the Subcommittee reports was the one on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It recommends that an Inter-American Commission on Nuclear Energy should be established to develop a coordinated plan for research and training; that the Pan American Sanitary Organization should carry on activities involving the application of nuclear energy in the field of health and safety; that the Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences should utilize nuclear energy applications in the field of agriculture; and that the Pan American Union should prepare appropriate studies concerning nuclear energy legislation. This report suggests that the proposals (of Argentina and Brazil) for the establishment of an inter-American regional center for nuclear research and training be referred to the proposed Inter-American Commission on Nuclear Energy for consideration by it when in its judgment it is deemed desirable. This latter provision satisfies current U.S. policy considerations which favor bilateral arrangement for U.S. participation in the establishment in Latin American countries of nuclear energy research and training centers.

Other important recommendations contained in the Subcommittee reports submitted to the Interim Committee are one calling for the eradication of malaria in the Americas within five years, another for the strengthening of Organization of American States activities in the field of agriculture (on which Brazil made basic reservations), and a third for a program of 500 scholarships yearly as a regular activity of the OAS. Cuba, Honduras and Mexico made reservations, based principally on the cost involved, on the report covering the proposals of the United States and Chile for an increased public relations program for the OAS.

At the April 4th meeting of the Interim Committee two working groups were formed, one to consider those proposals on administrative, organizational, and financial matters falling under Item 4 of the approved agenda, and a second to consolidate all reports on the proposals into a draft report of the CPR to the Presidents. Consideration will be given by the latter group to the form in which the various proposals and the Subcommittee reports thereon will be presented in the final report of the CPR. Though substantive discussion on the report may be undertaken at the April 22nd meeting of the Interim Committee, no final decisions will be made until the meeting of the Committee itself starting April 29th.

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At that time a final report to the Presidents will be approved and it is expected some attempt will be made to resolve the objections expressed in the several reservations to the Subcommittee reports. In the interim before the April 29 meeting, the representatives will have the opportunity to present the reports to the Governments for study and it is conceivable that recommendations for changes in the substance of the draft report may be made.



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Description of Report Committee Document Number
Proposal on “Broadening of the Statistical Studies of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Foreign Trade, and the Analysis and Publication Thereof” SC–1/3 (Approved)
Proposal Concerning the Holding of Meetings of High Officials Connected with Economic Matters SC–1/4 (Approved)
Proposal Relating to the Measures for Promoting the International Trade of the American Republics SC–1/6 (Approved)
(Inter-American Economic and Social Council [IA–ECOSOC]6 to call meeting of experts to make study)
Proposal Relating to the “Preparation of Specific Economic Development Plans Acceptable to Banks” SC–1/8 (Approved)
(IA–ECOSOC to organize committee to consider establishment of agency to make studies of “bankable” plans)
Proposal Concerning the “Establishment of Practical Procedures for Facilitating the Solution of American Foreign Exchange Problems” SC–1/9 (Approved)
(Council of the Organization of American States [COAS] to submit matter to Buenos Aires Conference for further study)
Proposal Concerning the Financing of Housing of Social Interest SC–1/10 (Approved)
(IA–ECOSOC to be provided funds to make study on this subject proposed by Res. XXXVI of 10th Inter-American Conference.)
Proposals Relating to the Financing of Economic Development SC–1/11 (Approved)
(OAS, through appropriate organs, to continue study)
Proposals Relating to Maritime Freight Rates SC–1/12 (Approved) Revision 1
(IA–ECOSOC to continue study)
Proposals Relating to Double Taxation SC–1/13 (Approved) Revision 1
(OAS, through competent organs, to make study)
Proposals Concerning an Active Role for the Organization of American States in the Peaceful Application of Nuclear Energy SC–2/4 (Approved)
(1. Inter-American Nuclear Energy Commission [IANEC], establishment of
2. Pan American Sanitary Organization [PASO] to undertake activities concerned with use of radio isotopes for medical purposes
3. Pan American Union [PAU] to prepare studies on nuclear energy legislation
4. Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences [IAIAS] to use isotopes in agriculture
5. Referral to IANEC for study of regional center proposals)
Proposal Concerning a Program for the Eradication of Malaria in the Americas (in 5 years) SC–3/2 (Approved)
Proposals Concerning the Strengthening of Activities in Agriculture SC–3/3 (Approved)
(1. Change in Convention of IAIAS to modify system of financial support and to raise level of representation of Board of Directors
2. Expansion of program and facilities of IAIAS)
Proposal for the Establishment of a Program for the Study of Industrialization SC–3/4 (Approved)
(Expansion of studies and activities of PAU—Dept. Eco & Soc Affairs—in field of industrialization)
Proposal Relating to the “Plan for a System of Statistical Information Concerning Agricultural Products” SC–3/5 (Approved)
(To strengthen activities of OAS to provide adequate system of agricultural statistics)
Proposal Concerning the Completion of the Studies on the Construction of the Section of the Pan American Highway in the Darién SC–3/6 (Approved)
Proposal Concerning the Establishment of an Institute for the Study of the Utilization of Tropical Raw Materials SC–3/11 (Approved)
(COAS take steps to have studies made of feasibility of establishing institute to study uses of tropical raw materials)
Proposal Concerning the Establishment of a Study and Research for Food and Nutrition Problems SC–3/12 (Approved)
(Expansion and coordination of activities of OAS directed toward solution of problems of food deficiency)
Proposal Relating to Increased Control and Eradication of Communicable Diseases in the Hemisphere SC–3/13 (Approved)
(Continue and expand activities of PASO in combating communicable diseases)
Proposals Relating to Inter-American Cooperation in the Field of Housing of Social Interest and Town Planning SC–4/2 (Approved)
Continue and expand activities of Inter-American Housing and Planning Center)
Proposals Relating to Public Education SC–4/3 (Approved)
(Expansion activities in cooperation with Governments to reduce illiteracy and improve education systems)
Proposals Concerning the Public Relations of the OAS SC–4/5 (Approved)
(Expansion public relations activities of OAS including opening of branches in all member countries)
Proposals Concerning Services of the OAS in the Field of Social Security SC–4/6 (Approved)
(Expansion of these services particularly in field studies and research, technical advice, training courses and technical information services)
Proposals Concerning the Technical Cooperation Activities of the OAS SC–4/7 (Approved)
(1. Technical Cooperation Program be made a regular activity of OAS and be expanded
2. Expansion of technical assistance activities)
Proposal Relating to the Scholarship Program of the OAS SC–4/8 (Approved)
(Initiation of a program of 500 scholarships yearly as regular activity of OAS)
Proposal for the Establishment in the OAS of an Inter-American Center for Technical Research and Training of Personnel in Transportation SC–4/9 (Approved)
(COAS initiate study of possibility of establishing an Inter-American Center of Technical Research and Training in Transportation)
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