111. Circular Telegram From the Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics1

759. Personal attention Chiefs of Mission. President Eisenhower has received from Panama invitation for a two-day visit on June 25 and 26 to participate in ceremonies commemorating 130th Anniversary first inter-American meeting, Congress of Panama called by Bolivar 1826. Understood similar invitations being extended Presidents other 20 American Republics through Panamanian missions.

White House informed Department President would very probably accept invitation if number other Presidents accept.

Department considers it very desirable such meeting of Presidents occur. You requested approach government to which accredited immediately informing it of invitation to President Eisenhower and stating understood similar invitation also sent to it; that your government has requested you consult with it; that U.S. strongly inclined accept but wishes know attitude others. We understand meeting would be purely ceremonial in character.

Advise of action by government and keep Department informed of comments and appraisement of meeting.

FYI Panamanian invitation related to plan approved today by Council OAS hold special meeting Panama in June commemorating same occasion but Council unaware possibility meeting of Presidents. End FYI.

Department realizes difficulty maintaining secrecy this plan. However you should urge importance keeping matter secret for time being.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 362/5–256. Secret; Niact; Limit Distribution. Sent to all diplomatic missions in the American Republics except Panama; repeated to Panama. Drafted by Dreier and Neal and approved in draft by Holland, whom Dulles appointed as coordinator of the Panama meeting. (Memorandum from Dulles, May 8; Ibid., 362/5–856)