109. Editorial Note

Significant documentation on the meeting of the American Presidents and the Inter-American Committee of Presidential Representatives is contained in Department of State, Central Files 361 and 362 and Ibid., OAS Files: Lot 60 D 665, Boxes 179–184. The most useful summary documents of the Inter-American Committee of Presidential Representatives are the CPR Memoranda, numbered 1 to 223, in the OAS Files in folders marked CPR Memos. Boxes 179 and 184 contain the most important documentation. Box 179 contains material on the Committee’s work from September 1956 to January 17, 1957; particularly important folders are CPR Memos, 1–63; CPR Memos, 64–144; List of Proposals; and Position Papers. Box 184 contains material on the formation of the Committee in the summer of 1956 and the evolution of the proposals through the subcommittee proposals in March–April 1957. Box 180 contains documentation on the January and May meetings; Box 181 contains the minutes of the September and January meetings; Box 182 has material used by the subcommittees and Interim Committee; and Box 183 contains the drafts of the proposals.