64. Telegram From the Delegation at the Vienna Ambassadorial Conference to the Department of State1

2684. Paris for USDel. Continuing in restricted session after discussion Art 35 (reported separately2) conference discussed Art 33. [Page 100] Agreement do so was after US Amb’s suggestion meeting adjourn without discussing other Arts. Sov Amb refused discuss French compromise proposal3 maintaining his own proposal4 provided more definite time limit for troop withdrawal, which in line Aust wishes as in Moscow communiqué5 and professed desire all concerned ratify and withdraw troops soonest. UK Amb in chair pointed out inconsistency Sov insistence incorporate this item of Moscow agreement in treaty while refusing incorporate another. US Amb supported French proposal on grounds (1) allows earlier troop withdrawal if all ratify promptly, (2) avoids difficult situation that would arise if any one government should fail ratify by October 1, not to mention (3) almost absurd situation if one failed ratify by December 31. While anticipate earliest ratification by US, cannot be certain what Parliaments will do. French Chargé added argument that problem is constitutional one, i.e. no French Government could instruct him accept Sov proposal without risk conflict between Government and Parliament. Thus, ratification procedure would not be simple as all wish.

Sov Amb refuted UK charge of Sov inconsistency by stating his Art 33 proposal introduced because concerned all four powers whereas economic aspects Moscow agreement concern only two. US Amb pointed out Sovs had admitted Moscow agreement does concern all four powers and Sovs now holding to their position although the other three had found that aspect Moscow agreement unacceptable. His earlier suggestion for adjournment was made so as not make situation more difficult. Three Western Foreign Ministers must now decide very delicate matter of whether or not to come to Vienna end this week in face firm Sov refusal compromise on Art 35. He asked whether Sov Amb wanted the three Ministers to make that decision in light Sov intransigence also on Art 33. Remaining discussion this Art resulted in its being reserved, with Sovs stressing question remains under normal discussion.

There followed considerable discussion as to whether to proceed with discussion remaining unagreed Arts. US and UK Ambs (having in mind yesterday’s session) attempted adjourn meeting, but attitude other three made it difficult and unwise do so.

Art 42 was adopted in Sov version after Figl, answering direct question by Ilyichev, saying Austs preferred Sov version and French Chargé, following that with similar statement in hope he could make positive contribution. US conceded in view Aust and French positions, but after pointing out Sov version operates against certain US [Page 101] interests. UK Amb expressed hope that in making his concession it would be reciprocated, e.g. Art 33.

Austs requested one more day before Art 45, para 2, is decided and subject reserved. On para 1, Art 48 Sovs demanded retention on basis not all parties of treaty took part in Rome conference. US supported UK in pointing out that with 48–bis deleted, bracketed portion Paragraph 1 no longer necessary as indicated by footnote. But Sovs denied any relationship between the two Arts. Thereupon French, touting their action as “taking large view,” agreed retention para 1 as did Austs. UK retained its reserve on entire para and matter adjourned.

Re Art 49, Sovs again claimed Austs had withdrawn their proposal for deletion but they, while admitting were prepared withdraw, would be grateful for deletion. US Amb expanded on arguments made yesterday which Sovs rebutted. French and British supported, and Art remains reserved.

Sovs said thought Austs proposal on Art 59 would not meet with difficulties, but Sov position will be stated later.

Annexes I, VIII, and X remain reserved although British Amb said UK now willing drop Part B, Annex VIII and retain Annex X.

After Sovs, British and French proposed retention Annex IX (to which US not a party) Austs gave in and conference decided retain that Annex unchanged.

Due funeral Figl’s mother tomorrow, next session will begin 4 p.m. but may go on beyond usual closing hour.

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