234. Memorandum From the President’s Military Aide (Schulz) to the President1

Secretary Dulles has asked me pass on the following to you.

The Foreign Ministers have been in session all morning drafting and re-drafting. They are now recessing and will meet again at 3:00 pm.2

He does not feel it will be well for the heads of government to meet before 5:00 pm. Shortly after 3:00 pm he will advise us as to the time agreed upon.

The reason for the delay is they have not clarified the basic issues which the heads of government will have to resolve. They are getting a good many minor questions settled, but the big questions have not been resolved.

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File.
  2. For a record of the morning session, see Document 232; a record of the afternoon session is infra.