795.00/9–1154: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea 1


191. Deliver following letter Robertson to Prime Minister Pyun.2 Unnecessary words omitted.

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

“In absence Secretary Dulles 3 I am replying to your letter September 1, 1954 to him regarding intention of Government of ROK serve notice on members NNSC leave ROK.4

“Declaration this intention is matter deep concern my Government. As you know, during discussions between Secretary Dulles and President Rhee July 30, 1954 President Rhee agreed ROK would refrain from forceful action against NNSC in order give U.S. Government time in which bring activities of NNSC an end in more satisfactory manner.

“U. S. has been carrying on discussions with Swedish and Swiss Governments in order induce them withdraw their members NNSC. As we have earlier informed you, threats of force against NNSC would only make it more difficult for Swiss and Swedish delegations withdraw since do so would then appear be an action taken under duress.

“I have received copy General Hull’s reply to your letter to him of September 1, 1954 which enclosed copy of your letter to Secretary Dulles. I concur completely in General Hull’s letter and trust Government ROK will not embark on precipitate unilateral action which in view of responsibilities of UNC could only create greater difficulties.”

Signed letter follows by air pouch.

  1. This telegram, which was drafted by Jones and cleared by McClurkin, was repeated to Tokyo as telegram 555 with instructions to pass to CINCUNC.
  2. According to telegram 293 from Seoul, Briggs delivered this letter to Pyun on Sept. 13. The Korean Prime Minister expressed his disappointment and stated that the Swiss and Swedes would never move for fear of offending the Soviet Union. (796.00/9–1354)
  3. Secretary Dulles was returning from the SEATO meetings held in Manila.
  4. Transmitted in telegram 254 from Seoul, Sept. 1, p. 1868.