Eisenhower Library, Dulles papers, “Telephone Conversations”

No. 338
Memorandum of Telephone Conversations, by the Secretary of State

Telephone Conversations With Allen W. Dulles—Iran

The Secretary telephoned his brother and asked if he wanted to bring this up at press conference.1 AWD said he worked yesterday with State people on a draft. It has his enthusiastic approval as well as those on the other end.

The Secretary called him again and said the people here were not willing to go quite as far—do they know about this? Yes, Jernegan and Byroade both know about it.

The Secretary called his brother again about the wording of the statement “any further aid to Iran”, what did it mean, increase or threat to cut it off entirely? AWD said that was the point of using the word, the Secretary thought it would be more tricky when translated, AWD defers to his judgment in the light of the Eisenhower letter.

  1. Presumably a reference to Secretary Dulles’ statement made later that day at a press conference; see infra.