Eisenhower Library, Dulles papers, “Telephone Conversations”

No. 337
Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Secretary of State

Conversation With Frank Wisner

Mr. Wisner called with reference to the factual sheet that had been sent over on Iran1 (AWD at Quantico) and wanted to know whether we needed anything by way of clarification? The Secretary said he had not been too sure why it was sent him, and Mr. Wisner said he understood it was the result of telephone conversation between the two Dulles’ yesterday.2

He stressed that the statement is actually factual and would have quite an impact. The Secretary asked whether it was their idea that State or CIA put it out, and Wisner said whatever the Secretary wished. He planned to call Arthur Krock, but knew that he was also a friend of the Secretary’s and thought he might like to do so.

The Secretary will look over the statement again and let Mr. Wisner know (Wisner is going to his farm at 2 p.m. but whoever is at his extension will be prepared to take it from there, he will have talked to Krock in the meantime).

He felt that if we got it out today it could be in the Monday morning papers.3

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