No. 16
Editorial Note

The first progress report on NSC 107 (Document 7) was considered by the National Security Council (NSC Action No. 473; S/PNSC files, lot 62 D 1) at its 91st meeting on May 16 during which Secretary Acheson made an oral report on the recent developments connected with the oil nationalization issue. In general the Council concurred with Acheson’s views, but the point was made that the United States “should indeed give vigorous support to the British in reaching an equitable settlement.…” President Truman, who presided at the meeting, then authorized Secretary Acheson to proceed, in connection with the oil nationalization issue in Iran, along the lines he had proposed and which had been discussed by the Council. A summary of the discussion at the Council meeting is attached to a memorandum from Lay to Acheson, dated [Page 45] May 17, in file 788.00/5–1751. The progress report is in S/PNSC files, lot 62 D 1, NSC 107 Series.