No. 15
Editorial Note

On April 26 the Special Oil Commission unanimously adopted a nine-point resolution implementing the oil nationalization law and calling for the eviction of the AIOC and the establishment of a joint Senate–Majlis committee to run the oil industry. The “9-Point Law” was passed unanimously by the Majlis and the Senate on April 28 and 30, respectively, and promulgated by the Shah on May 1. On the day that the law was promulgated Foreign Secretary Morrison expressed in the House of Commons the willingness of the United Kingdom to settle the dispute by negotiation but stated that the British could not accept unilateral cancellation of a contract by the Iranian Government. On the following day, in a message to Ambassador Shepherd for delivery to Mosadeq, the newly-appointed Prime Minister, Morrison proposed arbitration of the dispute. This proposal was rejected by Iran on May 8.

For the texts of the “9-Point Law,” an extract from the statement by Morrison in the House of Commons, the message to Shepherd, and the Iranian rejection, see Documents (R.I.I.A.) for 1951, pages 480–485; with the exception of the extract from Morrison’s statement, texts of these documents are also in British Cmd. 8425, pages 29–33.