Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 192

No. 366
Minutes of a Meeting of the Tripartite Working Group, Berlin, January 27, 1954, 10:30 a.m.

  • Principals
    • United States
      • Mr. MacArthur
    • United Kingdom
      • Sir Frank Roberts
    • France
      • M. Seydoux

[Here follows discussion of papers concerning reunification of Germany, an all-German Electoral law, and a declaration of intent.]

Tactics of the Third Session

Sir Frank Roberts said that Mr. Eden as Chairman at the third session would ask Mr. Molotov if the latter wished to talk to the proposal of the 5-Power Conference which the Soviet Minister tabled yesterday.1 It was believed that Mr. Molotov might either make a speech reiterating the points made yesterday or he might merely ask for the opinion of the other 3 delegations. If Western opinion were asked it was assumed Sec. Dulles would then present the changed Tripartite position. The other two ministers would amplify the Secretary’s remarks. The immediate problem lay in whether Molotov would make a long speech or whether he would merely point out the negative position of the three powers in refusing to make progress at Pan Mun Jom to reconvene the General Assembly and to hold a 5-Power Conference as suggested by the Soviets.

It was agreed that the Ministers would meet at 2:30 p.m. in the U.K. Delegation offices in the ACA Building.2

It was also agreed that the Chairman would not pass on to Item 2 in the unlikely event that the ministers concluded the discussion of Item 1 of the agenda today.

Mr. McConaughy, Mr. Allen and M. Roux will meet after the quadripartite session to discuss tactics relating to discussion of the five-power conference proposal.2

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Austrian Participation

Mr. MacArthur noted and it was agreed that if it were tactically appropriate at any time but at least several days prior to reaching the Austrian item the Chairman of the day could inject the procedural question of inviting Austrian participation.

Consultations with Benelux Countries

M. Seydoux indicated HICOM consultations with Benelux had already commenced.

  1. For text of this proposal, see Secto 28, Document 364.
  2. No record of this meeting has been found in Department of State files.
  3. No record of this meeting has been found in Department of State files.