No. 933
President Eisenhower to Pope Pius XII1

Your Holiness: It is a pleasure to acknowledge your thoughtful letter of June 19, 1954,2 delivered through the kindness of Mr. Myron Taylor. I deeply appreciate the spirit which prompted your reply to my communication of May 18th,3 and the candor with which you have presented your views on certain occurrences in recent years. I am encouraged to believe that we are achieving a better understanding of problems which are of mutual concern.

I feel certain, too, that Your Holiness is aware of the practical circumstances affecting the formal relationship between the two States and of my desire to cooperate as closely as these circumstances permit.

I am told that the problem of communication between the Vatican Secretariat of State and the United States Department of State has been solved on a practical basis and that the arrangement now in effect with the Apostolic Delegate in Washington is mutually satisfactory.

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I wish to express my gratitude for the gracious reference to my constant preoccupation with the attainment of peace. Such encouragement is a source of comfort and strength to me. At the same time I appreciate the immense contribution which Your Holiness has made to this, our common objective. Above all, it is my fervent prayer that our mutual efforts toward securing that state of peace for which mankind yearns will continue to receive Divine guidance.


Dwight D. Eisenhower
  1. This letter was sent to Archbishop Cicognani as an enclosure to a letter of Aug. 10 from Murphy, in which Murphy asked the Archbishop to transmit the letter to the Pope. (611.65A/8–354) In his reply to Murphy of Aug. 12, Archbishop Cicognani said that he would forward the President’s letter to the Pope without delay. (611.65A/8–1254)
  2. Document 931.
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