United States policy toward Scandinavia 1

1. For previous documentation on Scandinavia, see Foreign Relations, 1951, vol. iv, Part 1, pp. 755, and 872 ff. For documentation concerning the participation of Norway and Denmark in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during the years 1952–1954, see vol. v, Part 1, pp. 1 ff.

[819] No. 819
Memorandum by the Planning Board of the National Security Council to the National Security Council

S/SNSC files, lot 63 D 351, NSC 121 Series

[821] No. 821
Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State


[824] No. 824
The Chargé in Denmark (Bell) to the Department of State

611.59/7–2853: Despatch

[825] No. 825
The Ambassador in Norway (Bay) to the Department of State

611.57/7–3153: Despatch

[827] No. 827
The Ambassador in Denmark (Coe) to the Department of State

759.5/1–2754: Telegram