No. 828
The Ambassador in Norway (Strong) to the Prime Minister of Norway (Torp)

top secret

Dear Mr. Prime Minister: In the absence of Dr. Lange I am addressing to you this reply to his letter of June 12, 1954,1 informing [Page 1776] me that the Norwegian Government is prepared to open negotiations with the United States Government regarding an expansion of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. As Dr. Lange noted in his letter, the Honorable Frank Nash, then Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Defense, had inquired of Norwegian officials in December 1953 whether Norway could increase the strength of the Royal Norwegian Air Force by one wing of three intercepter day fighter squadrons if the United States could provide the necessary equipment and training under its Mutual Security Program.

I have now been authorized to notify your Government that the United States Government is prepared to support the equipping and training of an additional wing for the Royal Norwegian Air Force. My Government has based its decision on the assurances given in Dr. Lange’s letter of June 12 with respect to Norway’s ability to activate and operate this additional wing without reducing the forces now assigned to NATO or forces planned to be built up for assignment.

The United States Government expects to be able to indicate in the near future the approximate dates when aircraft for the new wing can be made available.

Sincerely yours,

L. Corrin Strong
  1. Not printed. Ambassador Strong transmitted a copy to the Department of State in despatch 818, June 17. (757.5/6–1754)