110.11 AC/2–2552

Memorandum for the Record, by the Adviser on NATO Affairs (Knight)1
top secret


  • Dinner with Mr. Eden on February 24, 1952.
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The following were the main points discussed after dinner at the Residence on February 24, 1952:

1. NATO Reorganization. Both the US and UK will state their case in the Foreign Ministers’ meeting on Monday morning February 25th.2 However, Mr. Eden expressed agreement with Paris should this be the consensus of the Foreign Ministers’ opinion. It was also agreed that Sir Oliver Franks would be the best man for the job of Secretary General. It was agreed that some power other than the US or UK should make this proposal. Mr. Eden will take care of this. The Secretary made it quite clear that in view of his personal relations with Mr. Pearson he could do nothing which would put him in the light of opposing Pearson’s candidacy, undeclared as it was.

. . . . . . .

3. Egypt. Mr. Eden made suggestions on a purely personal basis concerning a new “hat” to cover resumed negotiations with the Egyptians. (See telegram to Cairo No. 1, February 24, 1952, Secto 71.3) Mr. Eden seemed exceedingly anxious to arrive quickly at some agreement with the Egyptians. Seemed fully cognizant of the increasing danger of proceeding too slowly and appeared to be very open minded as to method of proceeding. During conversation Eden said that the question of the Sudan was now included on the tentative agenda for talks with the Egyptians.

4. UK Draft Resolution. The Secretary expressed serious concern over the latest draft of Mr. Eden’s proposed resolution on the non-military objectives of NATO4 where reference is made to NATO’s having acquired a permanent character at Lisbon. He said that Congress might derive the impression that the US had extended its commitments without appropriate Congressional consultations.

It was left that the US Delegation should work up alternative language.

UK definitely wants separate declaration.

It was not clear whether there would be additional communiqué. This to be worked out Monday the 25th.

  1. The ribbon copy of this memorandum is included in Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 102. Another copy is in file 740.5/2–2552. The brief account of this meeting in Acheson, Present at the Creation, is presumably based upon this memorandum.
  2. The reference here is presumably to the fifth and final meeting of the North Atlantic Council which was held on Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. For the record of that meeting, see Secto 79, p. 157.
  3. Infra.
  4. The reference here appears to be to the proposal for a draft declaration circulated as document C9–D/18 (Revise). That document is not printed, but differences between it and the subsequent draft approved by the Council as C9–D/18 (2nd Revise) are indicated in annotations to the latter paper printed on p. 193. The original proposal by the British Government is printed on p. 190.