Editorial Note

The EDC was the topic of a number of discussions held at the Bermuda Conference of the Heads of the Government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, December 4 to 8. Telegram Secto 4 from the United States Delegation, December 4, reported that Vidal, Laniel’s Director of Cabinet, had informed Tyler, First Secretary of Embassy in France, that there was “no chance EDC Treaty can be ratified for several months and then only if greatly increased assurances and commitments given by British and US”. French officials, including Laniel himself, reiterated and expanded upon this theme in subsequent discussions with Eisenhower, Churchill, and their delegations. For documentation on the Bermuda Conference, see pages 1710 ff.; for text of telegram Secto 4, see page 1728.

The related issue of the final status of the Saar was also discussed extensively by the Foreign Ministers and Heads of Government at Bermuda.