740.5/12–153: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


2026. Subject is EDC Protocols. Ref Coled 107.2

In light Soviet note3 and delays caused by French Presidential elections, will be important during coming weeks preserve momentum on EDC and eliminate certain specific obstacles to ratification. Signature protocols is one concrete step which can be taken, supplementing more important steps Saar announcement and UK association.
Consider it unfortunate protocols not signed at Hague and believe it very important they be signed this month. Meeting in Paris December 11–12 of Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe appears to provide only possible opportunity between now and February for signature. Understand Committee plans discuss EPC, so might be in order for EDC Ministers to sign protocols.
Request Embassy inform French views para 2 above.
  1. Drafted by Fessenden, cleared by McBride and, in substance, by Hay.
  2. Not printed; it reported that no action had been taken on signature of the EDC protocols at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the proposed European Political Community at The Hague, Nov. 26–28. It further reported that Bidault had raised the question of the protocols with Adenauer at a private meeting and had “apparently” told the Chancellor that the French Assembly had been informed that the protocols would have the same status as the Treaty and that, therefore, the protocols would have to be signed in the same way. Adenauer had replied that since this would involve his signature in the name of the Chief of State rather than Foreign Minister he could not agree as another vote would be required in the Parliament of the Federal Republic to whom he had promised no further votes on EDC (740.5/12–153).
  3. Reference is presumably to the Soviet note of Nov. 26 which continued to attack the EDC and demand a five-power conference, but nonetheless agreed to holding a four-power conference on Germany. Documentation on the Soviet note is presented in volume vii .