740.5/1–3152: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Gifford) to the Department of State 1


3288. FonOff advises Blankenhorn “showed up in London last week” ostensibly on private business, but called “informally” on Frank Roberts, Dep Under Secy in charge of Ger Affairs. Stated that Adenauer hoped Brit wld appreciate serious Parl difficulties impending in Bonn and referred in gen terms to security controls, fin contribution and constitution of restitution court, without making any specific requests. Then went on to say that Hallstein wld be making a statement in Paris at EDC FonMin mtg and wld raise question Ger-NATO membership.2 He indicated belief Adenauer Parl problems might be adequately met if EDC cld have “corporate membership” in NATO since fully realized question Ger membership cld be solved only gradually and not in time to meet Adenauer Parl problems.

In response to question from Roberts, Blankenhorn stated that if some such arrangement were possible, Gers wld not press question their national membership and agreed that national membership in [Page 608] NATO of other EDC participants wld continue. FonOff rep stated that after further consideration Blankenhorn statement doubt he meant “membership” for EDC in literal sense since FonOff legal advisors consider this precluded by terms of NATO agrmt. FonOff believes he actually meant EDC representation on appropriate NATO bodies. If this Ger position, FonOff think question whether Ger believe NAT representation other EDC participants in such bodies shld continue wld then become relevant.

FonOff has noted discrepancy between Blankenhorn’s statement and that of Hallstein to effect other EDC participants shld renounce NATO membership in favor corporate EDC membership and believes Hallstein’s statement represents initial bargaining proposal and Blankenhorn’s represents position to which FedRep willing to be driven back.

  1. Repeated for information to Paris and Bonn.
  2. Regarding the Six-Power Meetings of Foreign Ministers at Paris, Jan. 26–27 under reference here, see the editorial note, p. 594.