Editorial Note

On the evening of February 24, the Temporary Council Committee issued in Lisbon an agreed statement to the press setting forth a lengthy summary of the principal points of the Resolution by the North Atlantic Council, document C9–D/20, February 23, supra. In issuing the report to the public, the Temporary Council Committee indicated the successful conclusion of its work as envisaged by the North Atlantic Council on September 19, 1951. The Report of the Temporary Council Committee, as the statement to the press was identified, was transmitted to the Department of State in telegram Secto 63, February 24, 2 a.m. (740.5/2–2452) and was issued to the press in Washington on February 25 as Department of State press release 138. For the text of the Report, see Department of State Bulletin, March 10, 1952, page 368.