Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 227: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Caracas 1

top secret
eyes only

Tedul 34. Perfectly safe for you to stay until Friday or weekend2 if necessary to keep anti-Communist resolution moving, and from reports here I am inclined to agree with your advisers there that unless you are present to provide the final spark this resolution may fizzle out. Information in my Tedul 25, March 6,3 can be communicated quietly to any delegation you think it may influence, and particularly you may wish to tell Colombians that they do not have to give much thought to any additional bill for their Korean participation. Should you wish to include it in some formal statement, actual wording of Cabinet minute is as follows:4

“US–Latin American Relations

“The Cabinet approved in principle the memorandum presented by Under Secretary Smith as the basis for an announcement at Caracas by Secretary Dulles concerning the Administrations determination to implement Dr. Milton Eisenhowers report. State, Commerce, FOA and Budget will determine the specific steps to be taken for financing the measures set forth in the memorandum. Particular attention was called to the item concerning assistance to Panama.

“It was also agreed that the Colombian Korean War Department matter should be held in abeyance until the outcome of the omnibus bill concerning such debts is known.”

  1. Source text bears the following handwritten notation by Mr. O’Connor: “Sec saw.”
  2. Secretary Dulles departed from Caracas for Washington on Saturday, Mar. 13, 1954; upon his departure Mr. Holland assumed the Chairmanship of the United States Delegation.
  3. Supra.
  4. The following statement does not appear in the minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on Mar. 5; it is apparently quoted from the notes of Cabinet discussion sent to Mr. Stassen by Cabinet Secretary Maxwell M. Rabb under date of Mar. 5 (Eisenhower Library, papers as President, Whitman file).