Eisenhower Library, papers as President, Whitman file

Minutes of a Cabinet Meeting, Held at the White House, 10:10 a.m., February 26, 19541

  • The following were present:
    • President Eisenhower
    • Vice President Nixon
    • Sec. Dulles, and Under Sec. Smith
    • Sec. Humphrey
    • Deputy Sec. of Defense Kyes (for Sec. Wilson)
    • Attorney General Brownell
    • Postmaster General Summerfield
    • Sec. McKay
    • Sec. Benson
    • Sec. Weeks
    • Sec. Mitchell
    • Sec. Hobby, Under Sec. Rockefeller,2 and other assistants
    • Director Dodge
    • Mr. Flemming
    • Deputy Director of FOA Wm. M. Rand (for Gov. Stassen)
    • Chairman Young3
    • Amb. Lodge
    • Hon Clarence B. Randall
    • Gov. Adams
    • Gen. Persons
    • Mr. Rabb
    • Gen. Cutler
    • Dr. Hauge
    • Mr. Jackson4
    • Mr. Shanley5
    • Mr. Minnich
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[Here follows discussion of matters unrelated to the Tenth Inter-American Conference.]

Inter-American Conference at Caracas—Secretary Dulles stated that the major interest of the Latin American countries at this conference would concern economics whereas the chief U.S. interest is to secure a strong anti-Communist resolution which would recognize Communism as an international conspiracy instead of regarding it merely as an indigenous movement. With this objective Secretary Dulles hoped he might give them certain economic reassurances, and he suggested in this respect that no action be taken with regard to wool imports until Congress acts on the pending Presidential proposal and that no attempt would be made to establish controls over the price of coffee. He was reassured on these two points.

Ambassador Lodge called attention to the continued strong support given by our Latin American allies in the United Nations, particularly when European allies have vacillated on important questions such as the Korean Resolution last fall.

Secretary Dulles called attention to pending legislation concerning loans to Latin American countries and he emphasized the desirability of effective action to halt the growth of Communism in South America at this time rather than delay until a situation develops similar to that in China in the 1940’s when American aid was too late.

[Here follows discussion of illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico and other matters unrelated to the Tenth Inter-American Conference.]

  1. These minutes were signed by L. Arthur Minnich, Jr., Assistant Staff Secretary in the White House Office.
  2. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Under Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare.
  3. Philip Young, Chairman, Civil Service Commission.
  4. C. D. Jackson, Special Assistant to the President.
  5. Bernard M. Shanley, Special Counsel to the President.