Secretary’s Staff Meetings, lot 63 D 75

Notes of the Secretary’s Staff Meeting, Held at the Department of State, 9:15 a.m., February 16, 19541

SM N–206

[Here follow a list of those present (24) and discussion of matters unrelated to the Tenth Inter-American Conference.]

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Caracas Conference

2. The Acting Secretary directed Mr. Cabot, if approached by Treasury officials, to take the line that what is wanted is a positive statement as to what the Export–Import Bank can do for Latin America on a “yes” rather than “no” basis.

The Acting Secretary further instructed Mr. Nolting to attempt to obtain an assurance from Budget that we would be able to make a statement before or at a Caracas conference in connection with the Eisenhower “package proposal.”2 The Acting Secretary added that he felt Budget would be cooperative.

[Here follows discussion of additional matters unrelated to the Tenth Inter-American Conference.]

  1. During the period 1952–1960, the Secretary’s staff meeting met twice a week. The meetings were attended by the Under Secretary of State, Assistant Secretary of State, certain members of the Executive Secretariat, and certain office directors. A broad range of matters was discussed; the Secretary normally presided.
  2. The Secretary’s Mar. 4 address at Caracas contained a reference to the “package proposal” and a statement concerning Export–Import Bank policy. See footnote 14, p. 295.