The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Woodward ) to the Department of State 1


160. Jaime Solera reliable Costa Rican businessman not Figueres supporter but Director Central Bank and former member Council Notables had 5-hour conversation President Somoza December 20 Costa Rican-Nicaraguan relations as result initiative Leon Debayle Nicaraguan Central Bank and Costa Rican Finance Minister Rossi at IBRD meeting Washington. Though unofficial Solera was fully authorized by Figueres and Esquivel to state that (1) Costa Rica will not permit any preparations against Nicaragua in Costa Rican territory much less their execution; (2) Costa Rica will observe all treaty commitments; (3) Costa Rica suggests creation mixed commissions possibly under ODECA to check any rumor inimical acts either country; (4) Costa Rica would immediately halt training Guardia Civil reserves upon creation these commissions even though reserves so small of no offensive force; (5) Nicaragua could control entire frontier and (6) Costa Rica would welcome commercial treaty and would send Rossi to Managua to negotiate.

Solera informed me in presence Foreign Minister that President Somoza after listening to this statement replied in measured calm terms that (1) he does not trust Figueres and is convinced his complicity [Page 1390] April plot against Somoza (2) he will not enter into rapprochement with Figueres Government (3) Nicaraguan Government or individual Nicaraguans will not attack Costa Rica but (4) if Costa Ricans organize a revolution against Figueres he will regard it sympathetically and “will give them some firecrackers and a handfull of bullets” (algunos triquitraques y un punodebalas) (5) if Figueres is overthrown he will use his personal influence to discourage personal harm to him or his property as a lesson to Figueres after last April and (6) when news appeared re movement 6 US jets to Panama he obtained assurance from US Government report was false and that US Government was not supporting Figueres.

I commented that despite rebuff this Costa Rican overture may have beneficial effect and that it is appreciated by US Government which has repeatedly expressed its own deep interest in international tranquility.

  1. Repeated for information to Managua as telegram 42.