Memorandum by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs (Woodward) to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret


  • Report of Revolutionary Plotting in Mexico


Ambassador White has reported a conversation of February 131 in which the … said that he is taking part in a plan to overthrow the Mexican Government. Because his group is short of funds, they are joining forces with a political party, the Henriquistas, which opposed the Government party in the last presidential election. Although Henriquez, a wealthy [Page 1361] construction contractor who has accepted extreme leftist support, received only a small number of votes in the presidential election, he has always asserted that he would have won if the elections had not been fraudulent. The Henriquistas allegedly have some military backing, some new military equipment, an abundance of ammunition, and substantial financial support.

Ambassador White told the informant, … that the U.S. Government will not intervene in the domestic affairs of other countries and that we will respect our commitments under various inter-American treaties. … said he knew our position but hoped for our sympathy and possible assistance.


It seems unlikely that these plotters would be successful. Such plots are reported from time to time, but serious and successful revolutionary movements are usually not so specifically known in advance. The rumors about this plot have circulated sufficiently so that the Mexican Government is aware of the plot. The Government appears relatively strong and popular.

This information is submitted to you only as a precaution so you would be in the position of having been informed in the event there should be a revolutionary attempt in Mexico.

  1. Ambassador White forwarded a memorandum of this conversation to the Department, dated Feb. 15, 1954 (712.00/2–1554).