Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Director of the Office of Middle American Affairs (Rubottom)



  • Mexican Aviation Negotiations
  • Participants: Mr. David Stowe, Administrative Assistant to the President
  • R. R. Rubottom, Jr., Director, MID

I telephoned Mr. Stowe on Saturday afternoon to relate to him what I had just been informed by the Officer in Charge of Mexican Affairs, Mr. William Belton, who had just returned from Mexico, to the effect that the key official in the Foreign Office on policy matters affecting Mexico and the U.S., Mr. Rabasa, had indicated to Mr. Belton that there was little chance that an aviation agreement could be concluded in the short period between the U.S. election on November 4 and the inauguration of the new Mexican President on December 1. Mr. Rabasa told Mr. Belton, however, that any U.S. representative who comes to Mexico to discuss aviation will be cordially received.

Mr. Stowe expressed little interest in the above information and said that he realized that whether or not there would be an aviation agreement depended almost entirely on President Aleman. He said that if the latter wants an agreement there can be one in 24 hours. He said that if President Aleman is not willing to concede on the west coast monopoly run, then there would not be any agreement.

I gained the impression that Mr. Stowe was planning to go to Mexico around November 10 or 11 come what may, providing President Aleman is willing to receive him.