The President to the Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board ( Nyrop )

Dear Mr. Chairman: On May 22, 1946, I approved certificates for air services to certain points in Mexico issued to Eastern Air Lines, Braniff Airways, and Western Air Lines. On May 22, 1947, I approved an amendment to the certificate issued to Western Air Lines. No air service has been provided by any of the holders in the six years since the certificates were approved.

Since that time, this government has repeatedly attempted to work out a bilateral agreement with the Government of Mexico to establish a stable pattern of air transportation services between the two countries. The existence of the three outstanding but non-operative certificates has been a significant factor in the failure to work out a satisfactory bilateral agreement with the Mexican Government. It is clear that as long as there is no inter-governmental air agreement with Mexico and these inoperative certificates remain outstanding, a government other than our own will have the sole voice as to which, if and under what condition, any of these services will be initiated and the ability of this government to negotiate a bilateral agreement best adapted to the broad interests of the United States will be restricted.

Furthermore, the efforts by this government to develop a long term pattern of air transportation services between the two countries on a government-to-government basis have been and may further be prejudiced by private efforts to negotiate on an individual basis without regard for the overall air transportation interests of this country and in disregard of directions by this government not to engage in such conduct.

Because of these and other foreign policy considerations and in order to assure the necessary flexibility of action by this government in [Page 1331] stabilizing and clarifying the air transportation relationship between the United States and Mexico, I take the following action:

I withdraw my approval of the three certificates for air service to Mexico issued to Eastern Air Lines, Braniff Airways, and Western Air Lines, described above.
I direct the State Department to take appropriate action, in accordance with the procedures followed in other similar negotiations, to institute negotiations with the Government of Mexico with a view toward effecting at an early date a fair and equitable bilateral air transportation agreement providing for a sound pattern of air transportation between the two countries and consistent with the best interests of the United States.
I direct the Civil Aeronautics Board, upon execution of such a bilateral agreement, to take all steps necessary and appropriate to accomplish at the earliest possible moment the pattern of air transportation contemplated by the bilateral agreement.

Will you please officially record the action that I have taken withdrawing my approval, and notify the airlines by immediately sending them copies of this letter.

Sincerely yours,

Harry S. Truman