Princeton University Library, Willauer papers

The Ambassador in Honduras (Willauer) to Claire L. Chennault 1

Dear General: Thanks for your letter of June 26.2

At the time of writing this it looks like the Guatemalan problem is all over but the shouting, plus some political maneuvering which is supposed to start today in San Salvador between Castillo Armas and the most recent Junta of Guatemalans who succeeded Arbenz.

For a while it was a very close thing but as you can expect, air power did the trick. In fact, it looks to me from what I know of the situation that about three P–47s and half dozen Cessnas which bombed by dropping blocks of dynamite (attached to hand grenades) did it.

Now if we can settle the Communist-inspired United Fruit Company strike here in Honduras maybe I can get away and have a chance to see you. Things have been mighty active here with a series of 48-hour days.3

This has to be all for now.

My very best to you and Anna in which Louise joins me.


Whiting Willauer
  1. Source text is unsigned.
  2. Not printed (Willauer papers).
  3. In a letter to Sherwood Waldron, dated June 9, 1954, Ambassador Willauer stated in part the following: “There is no question in my mind that international Communism is in effective control in Guatemala and that the very serious labor disputes which are going on currently in Honduras are in large measure attributabale to Communist influence.” (Princeton University Library, Willauer papers)